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Hate crime present before Brexit

Even before the whole Brexit, hate crime was on the rise. A phenomenon that is completely inexcusable and is suffered by everyone, regardless of your religion or background. The reasons for the increase in hate crime differ between individual, however collectively, a lot of it is to do with segregation, poverty, lack of education and skewed paradigms. These reasons and the acts of hate crime haven’t got unnoticed, it’s common to read the daily newspaper and see a booming headline of a racially motivated attack or vandalism of a local place of worship. Thankfully, the government haven’t been completely oblivious and are taking measures to help stop the increase in hate crime and eventually lower it.

Funding for security installation, place of worship

A way the government are doing this is by encouraging the implementation of technology at local places of worship via very helpful and generous grants. The scheme is called the ‘places of worship security funding scheme’ and more information can be found here. In summary, if you belong to a place of worship you can apply for funding to have security systems installed – if your application is successful the government will provide you with money to have the necessary security measures implemented by a fully accredited and qualified security installation company – similar to Masjid Tech. Typically the installation will include a security camera system, alarms and secure locks to help prevent a crime from happening and if one does happen the chances of the criminal(s) being put to justice would be far higher.

Security Installation is a smart investment

The scheme at the date of writing this doesn’t have too much time left. It will come to a halt next month and will be discussed by the appropriate parties whether such a scheme is still needed. If found not to be and you have missed the window to have security systems installed in your place of worship – we still highly recommend that you have some sort of preventive security system installed. It is an investment, a long term one, but the benefits to be had from a security system are abundant and obvious. For example, just having a security system will make your local community and the members of that place of worship feel a lot safer, likewise the amount of crimes reduced by smart placement of security camera systems is staggering.

How Masjid Tech can help with Security

If you are still unconvinced it could be due to money. However, this really shouldn’t be the case – security cameras, alarms and locks are cheaper than ever – and yet quality hasn’t been compromised by the lowering of prices. Moreover, if you were to get a security installation from us, Masjid Tech, we would guarantee the lowest possible prices for your Mosque, Church or other place of worship. We realize the importance of security installations and how important it is to protect our places of worship – thus we are committed to providing a pro-bona and fair service

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