Web Development

Since incorporating Masjid Tech we have found that a lot of places of worship do not have a website and if they do, it is very outdated, poorly designed and lacking key functionality. This concerns us, here at Masjid Tech, we see websites as a fundamental component to any organization or business in today’s digital environment.

Having setup websites for mosques, churches, Buddhist temples and so on, we have noticed how beneficial it has been for them. The benefits are dependent on each website but so far we have seen increased engagement, better social cohesion within the community, more people at events, more volunteers, more donations and more people at times of prayer. The reason for this is simply the functionality that comes with a website – especially one created by us.

Website development is our bread and butter. If you would like to learn more about how we can help, please get in touch or visit our parent website a2ztech.co.uk.