Digital Signage

We have a great alternative to having paper copies and posters dotted all around your place of worship – instead we believe heavily in digital signage. If you are unfamiliar about the term, it is simply a digital screen that displays useful information to your community. Whether it is located at the front door, in the chambers or in the lounge area, it gives the community something to look at and to become informed.

Digital Signage can provide various pieces of information from events, prayer times, pictures, development plans, opening times, rules and policies and anything else you can think of. Moreover, this information can be displayed to show one slide of information or it could cycle through various slide of information and when the information is irrelevant, it can be replaced with another more updated slide. This helps reduce the constant production and design of posters and flyers, it is also more visually appealing and to an extent easier to setup and maintain.

At Masjid Tech we can help source equipment, setting up the hardware, and installation of the software. We also work with talented graphic designers who can create beautiful looking signage.