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How technology can be used – Digital Signage

Technology is an amazing phenomenon and is so multi-faceted, being used for various purposes, on different scales, across the world, in every industry. The development of technology over the past few years has resulted in more reliable and better quality products for a more affordable price – and thus technology is now being used for various tasks where technology would have never been considered before.

Convinence of Digital Signage

A great example of where technology is being used to replace traditional means, is digital signage. By using a television and some software, you can create a powerful means of displaying information, events, presentations, photos, videos and any other information that you may wish to technology digitally present. This is highly convenient for places that have a high influx of people into their premises who frequently need information about something that is deemed important by the institution. The previous method to this would be flyers or posters – a somewhat timely and after a while expensive operation, not to mention it lacks scalability, quality and the paper usage isn’t great for the environment.

How digital signage benefits places of worship

On the basis of that you can probably see why digital signage is being implemented in supermarkets, universities, governmental departments, public transport stations, restaurants, and pretty much any other place. With places of worship technology isn’t always considered due to tradition and lack of funding – however with digital signage we have definitely noticed an increase with the demand, due to how cheap it is to setup and maintain, and consequently these places of worship are experiencing some really great benefits, some of which we’ll cover now.
1. Increased awareness about events – the great thing about places of worship is how many amazing events they put on for their local community. Typically places of worship host various events throughout the year and thus need to market them somehow, which is normally done through poster and flyer placement. However, places of worship who have installed digital signage in the main entrances have experienced a significant increase in awareness about these events and subsequently attendance.
2. Over the long term, decreased costs and effort – despite the initial cost of buying the TV(s), other components and installation, digital signage is very cheap. With posters and flyers you have to get them to continuously get them printed – and say over 5 years, this can become an expensive operation. Not to mention, the amount of effort required to put all of the posters up and take them all back down to put up another batch, this can take quite a lot of man power.
3. Accessibility – tying in slightly with the whole effort front – digital signage is easy. Once the design work or information has been created on your computer, it can easily be added to the digital signage, either remotely or by manually inserting a USB stick into the television. The accessibility of digital signage therefore can be very handy in advertising events on a long term scale or making amendments on a short term scale i.e. if a mistake was made, the mistake could easily be corrected, whereas if you were printing posters you would need to reprint them.

How Masjid Tech can help with digital signage

To summarize then, digital signage is easy to implement and comes with an array of benefits, hence it is being used all across the world in every industry. On the basis of that, the benefits that a place of worship can have should definitely be considered – even if there is a slight startup fee. We look forward to doing future digital signage installations and seeing how places of worship utilize this technology and what benefits they may acquire.

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