Security Installation

Unfortunately we live in a world where security systems are needed, especially for places of immense value. With there being an increase in hate crimes in the UK, places of worship are somewhat at risk from a minority. Out of all the technology services we offer, we believe every place of worship should have some sort of security system that incorporates locks and cameras.

A common service of ours is security installations, we have installed cameras and locks in several places of worship who were previously subject to hate crimes or were under threat of proposed hate crimes. Adding these layers of security helped prevent any further crime – making the community feel a lot safer and preventing any damage that hate crime may have caused.

We source all of our own equipment and thoroughly believe in giving the best price possible when it comes to the installation. We want to help protect local places of worship as they are a place in not only our hearts but also many others. In short, if you are interested in security camera installations, locks, alarms and any other security measures, please get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.