Based in Bristol, UK.

Masjid Tech is owned and managed by an IT company in Bristol called A2ZTECH. Masjid Tech was established to help places of worship leverage technology to their advantage. We realised the benefits from using technology in other applications and thought about how beneficial it might be for local mosques and churches for example.


Be Open Minded with Technology

While we acknowledge and will continue to acknowledge that places of worship don’t need technology – we stand by the fact that technology can significantly benefit these holy places.


Technology Should Be Heavily Considered

We strongly believe that technology can help places of worship in various different ways, whether it is communication, security or simply spreading a holy message. Technology can greatly improve experiences surrounding places of worship.


We Provide Technology for All Places of Worship

We cater to all religions and believe technology can benefit all places of worship. Our team is multi-cultural and therefore we have an in-depth knowledge of the vast majority of faiths and what we should do and what we shouldn’t.


Our Technical Knowledge

Masjid Tech has been in the technology industry for a long time now – over 15 years. During that time we have used 100s perhaps even 1000s of technological brands. This huge sample size has helped us determine which brands are good value for money. We have a pool of information and experience that has helped us fine tune our suppliers on the principles of value for money, longevity and quality.

Therefore, all our technology is sourced from long lasting partnerships – however if you were to recommend someone else we would definitely consider your view and do some research. But so far, we have yet to have any issues with the products we have supplied our clients, which is obviously great and encouraging news for both you the client and us.

In regards to equipment specifics, it really does depend what service you are interested in. We don’t list any of our equipment on this website, as each installation we do requires a different set of equipment, whether it is a security camera installation or video recording system, the variance is huge.